Getting out of debt is no easy task. It would really just be easy if we didn’t need to live and the entire paycheck just goes to paying off the debt. But that’s just way too impossible. Aside from paying off debt, you will also need to buy groceries, pay for utilities, and other things.

It’s definitely not easy living on a shoestring budget while paying off debt. But it will come to pass. After your debt is paid off, you can start living the high life again. Here are some ways you can survive living on a very tight budget.

Make a Full Inventory of Your Bills

Always start with a list. Make a written or digital list of everything you need to pay off every month – phone bill, utilities, car payments, mortgage, credit card debt – everything you regularly pay. Also take into account the variable costs – gas, groceries, etc. If you make a list, you get a much better picture of the amount you are paying off and the amount of money you have left.

Cut Back on Lifestyle Expenses

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not making enough sacrifices to survive. This means no more steak dinners paired off with the best wines on a regular basis, or even just weekly trips to the restaurant. Remember that you are on a tight budget and that entails making the necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Hunt for Sales

It’s never beneath your dignity to wait for sales before buying your groceries. Better yet, try to look online for coupons that you can use to make your purchases even more affordable.

Plan Your Meals

Take a little time out of each week to plan out meals for the entire week so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything, and then shop for groceries based on your meal plans.

Don’t Use Your Credit Card

Using your credit card while still suffering from tons of debt is a sin and should never be done. Never. Don’t pile on more debt on top of your current debt to stop the cycle. Instead, work on creating a plan to pay off your credit card as fast as possible.