Student Cards

Students can own credit cards. But before getting one, the applicant must have an adult co-signer who agrees to joint liability for the account. Most parents prefer this as it would be easier than sending money on a consistent basis. However, getting a credit card for the first time can be confusing for students (and tempting as well), especially if they don’t have any idea on which credit card best suits them. Ideally, the best student credit card offers low-interest fee and lots of rewards that students can enjoy. Some bank companies give cash back on good grades and provide discounts on streaming services.

There are reputable credit card issuers that offer rewards on purchases exclusively for students. Some issuers even offer 0% interest rate, which allows students to enjoy having credit card without incurring extra charges.

Once you’re approved for a student credit card account, always maintain a good credit standing by keeping your balances low and paying your monthly payments on time. And avoid purchasing unnecessary items to maintain low debt.

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